About Us

The idea of a healthy India

Satamrit is a leading manufacturer of Ghee and is known for its quality, purity, and divinity. Quality is believed to be a dynamic process which requires continuous monitoring and upgradation. Thus, it is our constant endeavour to make quality an integral part of the entire value chain rather than the end point.We are committed to sourcing only the authentic quality produce. It's about respecting and taking responsibility for the impact that each step has on our bodies and on our environment to promote a healthy you and healthy planet. We believe natural food is about working in harmony with nature and understanding that each part of the eco-system is linked, from the soil, plants and animals where our ingredients are farmed to the processes.

Satamrit is not a business, but a social entrepreneurship venture undertaken for the health benefits of its stakeholders. Free from the negative influence of chemicals and adulteration, the result is a creation of a pure, natural product: pure desi cow ghee.

Our Products Are Pure, Natural, & Environment Friendly.

Our Vision

Energized by a successful beginning, Satamrit envisions achieving a higher level of customer satisfaction across the nation.

Our Mission

Ensuring that the legacy of purity, authentic traditional taste and quality is kept intact in all its products.

Our Values

We are ambitiously driving forth, not only to become an Indian Brand but also to become the customer's favourite choice for all the products. We also work hard to create a value for all our customers by providing them the best products. We at Satamrit work with full commitment to provide all our customer's with the mesmerising ghee. Hygiene and health - best production techniques are used to produce clean and hygienic products as per food safety norms.