Simple and clean is our ghee making process


The Company was first established in the 1985

The Company was first established in the 1985 by Anil Kumar Jain. Years of research brought us to a social entrepreneurship solution benefiting not just you and us, but also hundreds of farmers, cowherds, and cows.Satamrit has maintained the traditional taste in its ghee making process.


The butter is then pasteurized at 100 degrees for more than an hour to get the best ghee.

The process we follow is machine churned. Ghee is extracted from the milk by the help of machine churning. Churning is shaking up cream or whole milk to make butter, usually using a butter churn; this is the most renowned method even today. Quality is one of the major challenges braving the dairy industry; we make sure that the product is checked at regular interval. Ghee simmers longer to get a nutty flavor. The Ghee is then transferred to the vessels of different size and sachets to reach the market.